Infin8 Machinery

Infin8 Surfacing has a team of 35 passionate and highly motivated individuals, who are either on the factory floor or at project sites. In addition to our investment in people, our strategic investment in machinery has set us apart from our industry competitors in that it has allowed us to ensure accuracy, efficiency and volume. We have intentionally placed machinery at every step of the production process.


CNC Machine | Infin8 Surfacing

Automated CNC Machine

The automated CNC machine used in our production process is imported from Italy. This machine ensures accuracy as well as the optimisation of the material to reduce wastage. The machine is programmed with the exact measurements and dimensions to create the desired shape and size, and features an automated loading bay accommodating up to 30 sheets to be cut as programmed. The process eliminates human error and increases production volume considerably, resulting in fast and efficient turnaround.

V Groover and Coving Router | Infin8 Surfacing

V-Groover/Coving Machine

This machine, imported from Canada, can create two differently shaped profiles – either a 90-degree angle which produces a downturn, or a coved profile producing a seamless backsplash. This machine enhances accuracy and attention to detail.


Custom Made Oven | Infin8 Surfacing

Thermoforming Oven

This oven was specifically built for Infin8 Surfacing to accommodate a full solid surfacing sheet size of 3.6m in length. The oven heats to 160 degrees Celsius to soften the material in order for it to become flexible enough to shape into infinite designs – this is called thermoforming.

Panel Saw | Infin8 Surfacing

Panel saw

Imported from Germany, this machine cuts and trims our materials to size for smaller-scale projects.

Infin8 Surfacing | V-Liner


The v-liner tool, imported from Austria, has two functions – firstly, it levels two pieces of material to the exact same height. Secondly, adhesive is added in between the two pieces of material before the machine pulls the two pieces together creating a seamless join.

Hydrolic Press

Hydraulic Press

Imported from Austria, this machine is central to the creation of our Rosario Basin Range. The material is heated to 160 degrees Celsius in our oven, then placed into the selected timber mould (of which we have a variety to choose from). Once the material is in place, the hydraulic machine presses 40 tons of pressure onto the softened solid surfacing material creating the desired basin shape.


SMF Machine | Infin8 Surfacing

SMF Machine

Our sanding and microfinishing (SMF) machines are imported from Australia. These machines are ideal for larger surface areas because it is four times faster than a standard orbital sander. This improves our production efficiency ensuring faster turnaround times.