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Turn Up the Volume

It started off small, but it grew into something outstanding. Infin8 Surfacing was lucky enough to work on Capitec’s new head office in Stellenbosch. This project took the infinite possibilities of solid surfacing to a whole new level.


DHK Architects got in touch with us in need of a material that will meet complex building requirements as well as leave a simple yet sophisticated finish.

Our Solution: Solid Surfacing

Since inception, Infin8 Surfacing has invested in the best imported machinery, which separates us from our industry competitors but also allows us to be more accurate and efficient in everything that we produce.

For Infin8 Surfacing, this project started with being awarded the tender, from WBHO Contractors, for the solid surfacing skirting contract, which then developed into a balustrade and wall cladding contract. This eventually led to us securing the Class A joinery contract as well.

This project alone used 1008 solid surfacing sheets! It was such a remarkable opportunity to put both our machinery and team to the test. Based on the benefits and incredible aesthetic of solid surfacing, the material sold itself!


1. Thermoformability

Solid surfacing can be thermoformed – it softens once heated in our thermoforming oven and becomes flexible enough to form any shape. This benefit allowed for completely accurate curved cladding of different shapes and sizes for all applications on site – this included curved reception desks, canteen stations and even spiral staircases

2. Seamless Designs & Finish

The final finish of solid surfacing is seamless – an adhesive is applied to all material joins, which induces a chemical reaction with the material creating an inconspicuous join. The look of one final uninterrupted unit is a highly desirable design aspect for all solid surfacing projects. This characteristic enhanced the simplicity of the building, leaving a clean yet high-class appearance.

3. Ease of Installation

Solid Surfacing was directly applied onto the concrete upstands. To further simplify the installation process, Infin8 gave our small thermoforming oven an “on-site makeover”. We placed heavy industrial caster wheels onto the oven and installed it on site for the duration of the project. By doing this, it allowed us to heat the material at 160 degrees Celsius in the oven and once softened, we cladded it directly onto the concrete upstands.

By the end of the project, there were approximately 38 different curves that needed cladding. By having our oven on site, it saved both costs and time by not having to create different timber jigs for each curve.

These benefits, combined with Infin8 Surfacing’s ability to cater for volume, ensured a perfect match for Capitec’s project requirements. Our machinery (particularly the CNC machine, V-Groover, V-liner & Thermoforming Oven) allowed us to keep up with the large demand for volume – a project that would have needed 12 months to complete was condensed into 8 months due to Infin8 Surfacing’s efficiency.

This was the biggest solid surfacing project in South African history. It was such an incredible opportunity to further explore the infinite possibilities of solid surfacing and the Infin8 team learnt an invaluable amount through this project. This enabled our benchmark to be set at an all-time high. Watch this space for more detailed case studies on what we have learnt during such an incredible journey.


Our creative minds are ready to bring your volume-based projects to life through the infinite possibilities of solid surfacing. Please email for more information.

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